VCI materials are the safest and most cost-effective method of preserving metal artefacts from rust and corrosion damage during shipping and storage. When an item is placed in packaging, molecules acting as VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors) are released into the volume of air formed and deposited on the surface of the metal to be protected, forming a protective film at the molecular level and providing durable protection both in contact and at a distance. The coating envelops the metal surface and prevents it from oxidising or corroding. The VCI molecules migrate into recesses, protecting even the most complex shapes up to 30 cm away from the metal to be protected. After opening the packaging, the VCI evaporates without leaving any residue on the metal surface, allowing it to be used immediately without washing procedures. It is very important that the metal surfaces are well cleaned, perfectly dry and free of any corrosion. Any residues from production processes or washing can adversely affect the corrosion protection. It is also necessary to avoid the introduction of moisture or the formation of condensation during the activation phase: to do this, avoid temperature changes, avoid packing cold parts in a warm environment and vice versa. Everything must always be at room temperature. Another fundamental aspect concerns the care with which the products are handled: they must always be handled wearing gloves, as the acidity of the skin could lead to oxidation of the metal part. The anti-corrosion packaging must adhere to the metal as tightly as possible around the metal, and must form a closed space even when loose parts are present (in this case it is advisable to use VCI material interleaves). The last thing to do is to close the packaging properly: it must always be closed tightly, using tapes and sealants, to prevent the infiltration of dirt and moisture that could damage the parts, even if they are protected.


• Anti-corrosive, ecological, recyclable protection
• Safe, non-toxic, nitrite-free product
• Compliant with TL 8135-0043 standard
• Compliant with RoHS, TRGS 615 and REACH regulations

Tips for use:

• Pack the pieces dry and clean
• Pack the pieces at room temperature
• Clean hands and use protective gloves
• Use interleaves made of VCI material