Reinforced weave adhesive tape is designed to protect cardboard packaging from tampering during transport and is commonly used in countries with restrictive environmental regulations. The kraft paper used is 100% renewable and can be completely recycled with the box. It resists low and high temperatures, making it particularly suitable for frozen and baked goods. The tape is available in a height of 50 mm or 70 mm and is available in a lighter standard version, reinforced with three glass strands, or a stronger version reinforced with rhombuses and parallel lines with a double layer of paper. All our models can be customised with single or multi- colour printing, making them an excellent advertising vehicle for your products and corporate image. Unlike traditional plastic adhesive tape in which the strips are often doubled to obtain a better seal on the box, with paper tape the sealing is done with just one central strip, saving a considerable amount of material. In addition, it will avoid additional reinforcing elements such as staples, strapping and stretch film. We offer you a cost-effective, effective and safe product with a tamper evident system that seals the carton ensuring the security of each package. The roll is used with special humidifying machines that moisten the paper tape with water, thus allowing the glue to set and then cut the strip required to close the package.

Features and benefits:

  •  Available in brown havana and white colors
  • 100% recyclable kraft paper
  •  Easy application
  • Strong and safe sealing
  •  Guarantees protection against theft
  • The unauthorized opening of parcels remains evident
  •  Works well even in dusty environments
  • Optimal adhesion even on recycled cardboard
  • It does not stick on itself
  • It does not undergo alterations due to temperature change
  • 10 times stronger than adhesive tape
  • No excessive waste of material

Standard paper

Double Reinforced paper with parallel threads