These protective profiles are L-shaped, designed to protect all types of products during shipping, handling and storage. The angle bar edge protector corners are made of reinforced kraft cardboard and joined together using environmentally friendly vinyl glue. Their main use is to protect the edges and increase the possibility of overlapping boxes placed on pallets, multiplying the vertical load capacity and impact resistance. Like the notched edge ones, the angle bar edge protector are the ideal solution in terms of sustainability and robustness, as they guarantee a resistance and durability at the top of their category. They are available in different thicknesses and lengths to suit individual packaging needs.


These cardboard protection profiles are a product specially designed to protect the circular heads of reel materials and any other irregularly shaped surface. They are very strong, flexible and versatile protectors that can be used for a variety of packaging solutions, providing excellent protection and ease of use. Available in white or havana, the notched corner protectors are made of kraft cardboard, a material that creates no disposal problems as it is 100% recyclable, ideal in terms of environmental sustainability. In the standard format they are usually supplied in rolls to optimise transport costs and facilitate handling. Our corners can also be used in combination with cardboard discs to further increase the surface area of the product to be protected.

Angle bar edge protector

Notched edge protector