These types of tags arise from the need to be able to print in total autonomy only the pieces necessary for each specific use. Today, in fact, every company with a common office computer is able to prepare a graphic layout composed of variable data, barcodes, QR-Codes, progressive numbering or its own company logo and, with the help of thermal transfer printers, print independently from the single tag to the entire roll, all without any waste, with a very high printing quality and inks that last over time to weather and abrasion. Our company will not only supply you with tags in rolls and fanfolds in plastic materials such as polyester, high-density polyethylene, trifoil, polyamide, etc., but will also carry out various types of processing such as perforations, holes and slots, customised die-cutting, insertion of double-sided stickers and RFID tags. We are at your disposal to study together the materials and the development of the most suitable tag for your needs.