The growing interest in radio frequency technology derives from its very nature, as it builds a direct and automatic “bridge” between objects in the physical and analogue world and the digital and non-visible world of data. The fields of application are potentially unlimited, as are the benefits that can be obtained by organisations and the economic system as a whole. Radio frequencyidentification systems have recently become more and more important for the manufacturing world, especially in the payment sector, evolving towards increasingly advanced applications. However, it cannot be said that this technology is known by the public, who frequently come into contact with its applications without being aware of it. Thus, more and more often, users find themselves having to use new technologies without being fully aware of the technical functionalities and possible problems arising from their use. This is why it is important to be informed in order to protect oneself from possible vulnerabilities in the technology itself. The new generation of contactless credit cards use NFC (Near Field Communication) radio frequency technology, which allows payments to be made by bringing the card close to the reader without having to enter a PIN code. Personal bank data is stored on the chips in the cards. This data is extremely sensitive and it is important to protect it from criminals who can get hold of it and then commit fraud at the expense of the unsuspecting cardholder. Precisely because the data is transmitted without direct contact, an attacker can, with the aid of special devices such as a smartphone, approach the pocket of a wallet or purse from behind and with a simple gesture ‘steal’ the personal banking information on the credit card.

All this can be done in a matter of seconds without even having to reach into the handbag, as was the case in the past during a mugging. These new types of contactless credit cards are having a major impact on everyday habits, which is why we have developed FELISHIELD, a new protective envelope that uses a high-tech material that shields the contents of the card, effectively preventing data from being stolen without the cardholder’s knowledge. By protecting your payment cards inside our Felishield envelopes you can be sure that no attacker will be able to get hold of your personal data. With this simple and cost- effective measure, you will be able to use contactless cards with confidence while being protected from the vulnerabilities of NFC technology. As well as perfectly protecting your payment card, the Felishield envelope is excellent at conveying your company logo and name in style. The large printable area catches the eye and can be a great way to launch a promotional message or new advertising campaign. Our experience has shown that the response to direct marketing campaigns will increase considerably.