Product traceability is a well-established requirement in the steel industry. Identification of materials in normal situations, such as cold working or at low temperatures, is easily solved with traditional labels, materials and printing equipment. In hostile environments with high temperatures or special chemical treatments, it is essential to use special equipment, both in terms of the type of material usedand automatic data collection. Thanks to research and experience, Adolfo Felisati & C. s.n.c. is now able to offer you a particular plate with technical properties that are truly unrivalled compared to traditional materials. This type of metal plate has its outer surface coated with a special ceramic paint that is resistant to high temperatures and suitable for laser marking. We offer two solutions that differ according to the temperature to which they will be subjected: the first model is resistant to medium temperatures (600°C), while the second, in steel, is suitable for very high temperatures, up to peaks of 1000°C. This product is a good solution for metal marking and identification in truly extreme environmental conditions. The plates are available in reel or single plate form, with special holes and slots designed for the best application to the finished steel product.