Tyvek® is a DuPontTM material composed of 100% high- density polyethylene fibre. Its special feature is that it offers the best characteristics of paper and synthetic material in a single product. This balance of properties that no other material offers makes Tyvek® ultra-light yet extremely strong, with a remarkable strength-to- weight ratio, it is vapour permeable yet impermeable to water, and it is extremely tear and abrasion resistant. It is a carefully processed material that goes through several finishing processes such as corona treatment to improve the adhesion of the printing ink, antistatic treatments and fibre softening. Tyvek® retains its flexibility down to -70°C, but being a thermoplastic material it melts at 135°C. Our labels are available plain or pre- printed, with holes or slots, even with metal eyelets for extra tear resistance. We can produce any size of label on request: single labels, sheet labels, fanfold labels, roll labels and even continuous forms with holes.