Our webbing slings are made using tough polyester fibers of the best quality (PES) and they are recommended for load that should not get any damage during movement. The polyester slings are light, easy to handle and extremely flexible. They do not ruin the loading surfaces and they guarantee a good elasticity to better dampen the tearing during transport and moving. The slings keep their features with temperatures between -40°C and +100°C. The label on each sling shows in a readable and long-lasting way what material it’s made of, the nominal width and length in millimeters, the maximum working load, the identification of the type of sling and of the supplier, the production lot, the traceability code and the reference to the EN1492-1 regulation. The slings are disposable but in case they are used more than once, they need to be regularly checked by a safety officer. They must not be used in case of tears, deformations or signs of deterioration, softening, lack of flexibility or hardening of the fibers.

endless webbing round slings are measured in circumference

flat webbing eye slings are measured in useful length, from eye to eye

CE Compliant

Compliant with European regulations: DM2006 / 42 / CE, EN1492-1.


Safety factor 7: 1 the sling must withstand a minimum force equal to 7 times its maximum working load.


They can be customized with the customer’s name and logo printed on the sling.


We have a large warehouse stock to meet even the most urgent demands.