The expansion of our machinery and new production techniques enables us to offer a wide range of plates made using different types of processing. Thanks to the use of presses and moulds, we shear and perforate aluminium and steel sheets, producing flat platessuitable for marking with punching machines. We can supply neutral plates, i.e. without printing, or customised and printed, screen-printing your company logo or any other data you require. We also carry out engraving, cutting and marking with laser machines on various materials such as metals, plastics, plexiglass, wood, leather, fabric, glass and others. As laser marking does not require any additional equipment costs, it is ideal for marking barcodes or progressive numbers. Other processes in the production of signs include mechanical milling or chemical engraving, coining and die-casting, as well as classic screen-printed signs on metal, which are highly appreciated for their robustness and resistance to harsh weather and environmental conditions. Our production facilities allow us to produce everything from a single office sign to large quantity orders.