The “American” box is the most popular type of corrugated cardboard packaging in the world, thanks to its simple shape and intuitive handling system. It is characterised by matching or overlapping flaps, which guarantee better protection of the contents and greater packaging resistance. This box is made from a single sheet of cardboard and is almost always produced in a single machine pass without the use of die- cutting equipment. Corrugated cardboard, of which the American box is composed, exists in different weights: single wave cardboard, also known as simple cardboard, made up of two flat covers and one internal wave; double wave cardboard, more commonly known as triple wave, made up of three flat covers and two corrugated surfaces; and finally three wave cardboard, made up of four covers and three waves. The function of the corrugations is fundamental, as they are real load-bearing pillars that give strength and robustness, while at the same time absorbing shocks from outside. The American box is produced especially for large sizes, with high quality cardboard, in white and havana colours. At the customer’s request, we can print multi- coloured logos and personalised texts. The corrugated cardboard is 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

The die-cut box is the one that allows us to obtain multiple forms of packaging, from the bottle container to the case for various equipment, from the pizza container to the fruit and vegetable tray, satisfying the needs and creativity of the customer. The die-cut boxes are produced above all in small sizes, with the possibility of lithographic printing in up to 4 colours with various types of construction: from the snap bottom to the self-assembly, from the bottom and lid to the glued case, etc… Adolfo Felisati & C. s.n.c. is not only able to make a box according to your requirements, but will also supply you with all the complementary products for packaging boxes: from stretch film to expanded polystyrene bags, from polyethylene bubble wrap to corrugated cardboard, etc…The combination of the right box and packaging accessories will protect your products during transport, ensuring that they arrive at their destination without breakage or abrasion.