Laserplast is a plastic material specifically used with laser printers because it can resist high temperatures, up to about 200°C. It resists to tears, scraping and is weatherproof. It is also particularly indicated in difficult environmental conditions, where there are very dirty and oily surfaces or in extreme temperature applications. The available thicknesses or densities are 100, 125 and 175 microns (roughly corresponding to 120, 150 and 200 gr/m2). Usually, Laserplast sheet is supplied in the standard format A4 (210 x 297 mm) so that all laser printers on the market can use it.

Within the A4 format we can punch tags of any desired dimensions. It is also possible, upon request, to print out your company logo, some pre-defined data or coloured side strips to identify and distinguish different products. By using Laserplast sheets, with an ordinary office laser printer, you’ll be able to print in complete autonomy only the necessary tags, avoiding wasting or needing of big stocks into your warehouse.