Our lifting slings are made using tough polyester fibers of the best quality (PES) and they are recommended for load that shouldn’t get any damage during movement. The polyester slings are light, easy to handle and extremely flexible.

They don’t ruin the loading surfaces and they guarantee a good elasticity to better dampen the tearing during transport and moving. The slings keeps their features with temperatures between -40°C and +100°C.

endless webbing round slings are measured in circumference

flat webbing eye slings are measured in useful length, from eye to eye

CE Conforme

Conformi alle normative Europee: DM2006/42/CE, EN1492-1.


Coefficiente di sicurezza 7:1 la braca deve resistere a una forza minima uguale a 7 volte il suo carico massimo di utilizzo.


Possono essere personalizzate per portata (WLL), lunghezza, colore e stampa con nome e logo del cliente.


Abbiamo un ampio stock a magazzino per soddisfare anche le richieste più urgenti.