Our range of wooden pallets covers all type of storage and transportation pallets. Besides the standard models with UNI sizes, pallets can have the measures requested by the customer, with continuous planes or paling planes and they can be of two- or four-way type according to the forking needs. When requested, we make the thermal treatment “HT” (Heat treatment”) to eliminate all parasites. Resin pallets are a good solution to the logistics problems that occur in any industrial or commercial environment. They are the result of studies to better match the needs of easy-handling, convenience, strength and recyclability, essential features more and more at the  centre of the market which is both careful about the product quality and to the manufacturing phases.

They are made of synthetic resin to last long under an intensive usage. They are light and they don’t rot. They have a constant tare in time to be used with certainty by computerized packaging plants, they can be inserted into one another to minimize the necessary space to stock them. They have an excellent electric insulation. They can be forked from the 4 sides, stocked outdoors and have an anti-slippery surface, they can be move on a conveyor belt. They are designed to be proof to acids, greases and solvent. Upon request they can also be produced for the food industry usage.


We offer a wide variety of products already on stock. Fast and punctual deliveries are becoming more and more crucial, as much as the final guarantee on the product.

Our company also deals with the design and production of wooden crates, made according to the specific measures given by the customer. For sea transports, we make wooden crates with barrier bags and dehydrating salts.

This kind of packages are the ideal solution for the packaging of goods, guaranteeing a high protection during transportation.