Dog Tags is the informal name that stays for identification tags used by the army staff so called because they remind of the dog plates o dog collars, from which the name “dog tag”. Nowadays, taking after the army model, dog tags have become a highly requested accessory in youth fashion. On the tag you can mark your name and date of birth, a famous quote or also your beloved’s name or your favourite band’s name. Besides its use for fashion, dog tags are widely used also for first aid to people with some health problems, as heart problems, a specific allergy or a handicap.

Writing on the tag the biographical data, health problems and emergency numbers it’s possible, in case of first aid, to get to know immediately all the useful information to give to the professional emergency rescuers.. Our tags are all made in Italy, made of Stainless Steel and can be marked with any manual or automatic punching machine on the market. Apart from the classic steel model, there are also several colours made by baked enameling which gives a greater resistance and uniqueness to the tag. We can also provide you with the silicon rubber protection in several colours and many types of hypoallergenic steel or silver chains.