Our main task has always been to offer products with high technical features which can offer the ideal solution to the widest variety of packing needs and to guarantee safety and reliability under any circumstance. The traditional PVC tape offers the highest quality guarantee and it’s able to satisfy any request, even the most demanding. The PP (polypropylene) tape is a very resistant product, very adhesive and with a silent unrolling. The dynamometric features of our tapes, from resistance to traction and breaking, are very high, thanks to the excellent quality of the materials used.

Both PVC and PP are available in white, sand and transparent colours. They can also be customized with your company logos or data in one or two print-out colours. We also make reinforced tapes which are widely used in binding up tubes and extrusion bars and can provide double-sided tapes for all needs, from the mechanical to the textile and furnishing industry, to the small paper stationary fixing.